Big Fixes & Technical Difficulties


Howdy Folks.

Today I discovered that all of the jQuery UI Tabs were not working, they had all degraded to inline images with links at the top, not good 🙁

Not sure how long they have been displaying like this but it could have been a few weeks at worst, so I apologize. I spent last night trying to figure it all out testing different jQuery UI plugins and removing other plugins that may have been causing the issue (W3Total Cache, Acunetix WP Security etc) but to no avail.

Eventually the penny dropped and I remembered that WordPress does not handle inline JavaScript code very well, and I had previously installed a special plugin called RAW HTML to make Google AdSense code work, so I tried it on the inline JavaScript that initializes the jQuery UI Tabs and bammo, worked perfectly.

That’s all fine and dandy however, due to the characters inside the code itself, I was unable to perform a MySQL search and replace operation. I could have downloaded the entire database and performed a find/replace in Dreamweaver but this didn’t appeal to me. I keep all the HTML code for each page in a basic HTML document so I finished up doing a mass find/replace in those (250 docs) and then went right through the entire website copying and pasting the new code into each page. This also gave me the opportunity to fix some other minor layout issues on some pages too as well as some broken internal URLs.

I have not restarted the page, database or object caches in W3TC but the browser cache remains as well as the CDN network, which will keep the speed up. I have not had a very good experience with any caching plugins, they all seem to break code and require constant attention, so I will no longer be using a caching plugin except the browser cache .htaccess rules which should keep Google happy 🙂

There will also be some new website features coming up shortly and I’ll notify you when that happens.

Ricmedia Guitar

Tweed clone project with a little monster

1953 Fender Tweed Champ amplifier

Original Fender Tweed Champ 1953 (courtesy Wikimedia commons)

Fender Pawn Shop Excelsior

Fender Pawn Shop Excelsior amplifier (courtesy Fender website)

Like at lot of people, I have always wanted an original 50’s Fender Tweed amp, but the price tag has always scared me off as they sell for $3,000 upwards depending on condition.

Recently I fell in love with a new amp from Fender called the Pawn Shop Excelsior that has the twang and vintage feel I was after, at a very reasonable price of around US$500. However Continue reading

Welcome to the new Ricmedia Guitar!

Well finally after 6 or so months of coding, re-coding, optimizing and converting, I have finished the Ricmedia Guitar website transition to WordPress!

There have been quite a a few delays (which was annoying to say the least) but I guess that is what happens on long projects, particularly when working solo. I also have many health issues which means I am unable to put in the hours that most people would (I will explain that in a future post).

I will now be able to easily publish and edit posts on a regular basis, and I already have a list up to my eyeballs of improvements and lessons booked in so be sure to subscribe to the (now 100% working) newsletter.

Now with any new system there are always some glitches, so please email me and let me know of any you find, but I am pretty sure it’s all 100% working with the tests I have done, but you never know!

The music directory was full of obsolete links and one of my first jobs is to fix it, so if you have any link suggestions feel free to email me the details.

OK it’s time to hit the launch button so I will catch you on the next post!

Here’s a little music to celebrate 🙂